6 Ways to Prevent Overeating – Sarah Pelk Graca. Strong with virtual weight loss coach Sarah

At Strong with Sarah, we want all of our clients to enjoy their favorite foods (in moderation) while losing weight. However, enjoying the foods you love can lead to the slippery slope of overeating…which undermines your long-term health (and weight loss) results.

If you struggle with overeating your favorite foods, check out 6 ways to break the cycle of overeating:

1. Increase your calories and protein intake. Often you may overeat because you feel deprived or have intense cravings or hunger. By increasing your calories, you can fit more foods into your daily calorie allotment. By increasing your protein intake, you will feel fuller and more satisfied.
2. Include your favorite foods (in moderation) in your diet. As soon as you “ban” certain foods, you crave them more. Instead, allow yourself to enjoy ALL foods in small portions from time to time.
3. Forget about scheduling “cheat” days. Ugh, the word “cheat” has such a negative connotation to it. When you enjoy pizza or cookies or any other indulgent food, you are NOT cheating because all foods can fit (in moderation) into a healthy diet.
4. The goal of eating perfectly healthy isn’t sustainable for most of us, and it only leads to feelings of frustration when you’re actually enjoying the foods you love. Instead, carefully plan your favorite foods for special occasions.
5. If you’re not prepared for those times when hunger or thirst kicks in, chances are you’ll end up grabbing a tasty, non-nutritious snack that’s easy to overeat. Be prepared by staying hydrated to help curb hunger and having healthy snacks when hunger strikes.
6. Make a game plan before social events or eating out. Either look at the menu ahead of time to decide what to order, or develop some strategies that allow you to enjoy your social events without overdoing it.

Which of these strategies do you think would help you the most?

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