6 easy tips for a stress-free vacation as a couple

Have you ever come back from vacation feeling like you need a vacation? These trips can be fraught with stress, anxiety, and frustration, even when perfectly planned. It can be uncomfortable to be in a new place or even away from home where you have established a routine.

Sometimes the key to a stress-free vacation is letting go of the need for control and perfection. Embrace the unexpected and allow yourself to go with the flow while making time for relaxation and self-care.

Here are six easy tips for a stress-free couples vacation.

1. Be free and have an open schedule

Sleep and don't use an alarm clock

You probably live through anxiety most days of the week at home. Even if you’re an early bird, make your vacation so relaxing that you don’t have to set an alarm. You can plan sightseeing in the morning when you’re sure you’ll be up already. Make sure your couples getaway is fun and you don’t have to worry about missed appointments.

While package tours can be convenient, they can also make you feel rushed and tied to a tight schedule. Instead, consider exploring the area and doing the tour yourself. This allows you more freedom to explore at your own pace and really enjoy every moment.

2. Slow down and enjoy

adventure kayak

It can be tempting to fill your days with tours and excursions, but one or two a day is more than enough to leave you feeling satisfied that you’ve explored your new destination. Otherwise, the demands of the day will begin to resemble a work day, even when those adventures are supposed to be fun.

When you’re not constantly rushing from one activity to another, you can truly appreciate your surroundings. Taking time to breathe deeply, meditate, and practice mindfulness can help you stay calm and present in the moment. By fully immersing yourself in the experience, you’ll create lasting memories that don’t require a photo to remember.

3. Pamper yourself

relaxation massage

Massages are key ingredients to any relaxing couples getaway and a fantastic way to relax together, but there are plenty of ways to pamper yourself. If there’s a salon nearby, getting manis and pedis can help you feel and look your best. If you want a budget-friendly treatment, stay away from hotel spas and look for a local salon.

In addition to the usual self-care activities, another way to pamper yourself is to go shopping. This is a great opportunity to treat yourself and buy something special that you’ve always wanted.

4. Check out the local eateries and dives

pizza try new food

A fancy restaurant is a great indulgence for many, but it’s also tiring to dress up for every meal, and expensive food can lead to some unnecessary travel stress. A great way to get a true taste of the local flavor is to check out local mom and pop joints. You’ll probably find the most memorable meals of your trip here, and you won’t have to worry about primping or overpaying.

5. Leave work at home

leave work at home

Screens naturally stress us out, whether it’s getting an email from work or simply straining our eyes from staring at a screen for too long. Ideally, it would be fantastic to have a completely screen-free vacation, but that’s not possible for many couples. Instead, avoid unnecessary and work-related apps and schedule a few hours each day when you’re both screen-free.

It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes you have a vacation in a way that helps reduce stress. However, the effort is worth it. A little dedication and prep work means you’ll actually reap the benefits of your planned trip and go home well-rested and relaxed.

6. Choose a comfortable place to stay

Accommodations like Orlando vacation rentals where you can relax and feel at ease can greatly enhance your vacation experience. A place you can consider your home away from home will help you unwind and fully enjoy your time away.

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