5 Common Causes of Uber and Lyft Crashes

Choosing an Uber Accident Lawyer?
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Rideshare services are growing in popularity due to their convenience and low cost. However, this growing popularity comes at a price. Uber and Lyft crashes are becoming more common.

Fortunately, Uber and Lyft carry substantial accident insurance. But deciding which parties to seek compensation from can be tricky.

unsafe driving

Driving unsafely with Lyft and Uber crashes. Drivers can be distracted by the radio, eating or grooming, texting or chatting with passengers, looking at the GPS, driving while tired, and more.

Speeding is another anticipated unsafe behavior that can lead to severe crash injuries due to the increased forces involved in a collision. Drivers can also drive recklessly by competing with other drivers, driving on narrow roads, or ignoring road signs.

Drivers may also have faulty vehicles that cause accidents. Rideshare companies typically conduct background checks on their drivers, but cannot guarantee that they are safe and competent drivers. However, if your Uber or Lyft driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident, this may also be a felony, and you should contact an attorney immediately.

Unfamiliar routes

Drivers use ridesharing apps to provide on-demand passengers, which often takes more time to prepare for each ride. This can lead to drivers taking routes they should be more familiar with, increasing the risk of a collision.

Distracted driving is another common cause of Uber and Lyft accidents. This can mean anything from text messages to entering a destination into a navigation app. These actions take the driver’s attention away from the road and can lead to serious car accidents.

When an Uber or Lyft driver logs into the app and is waiting for a fare, they’re considered “available.” When they are “on the road,” their insurance coverage changes to include liability. When they are offline, drivers must have personal auto insurance. This can make it difficult to file an Uber accident claim.

Lack of speed

Most people understand that speeding causes other drivers to crash and makes our roads less safe. However, most people should realize that driving under the speed limit is dangerous and can lead to serious accidents.

Rideshare drivers are often in such a rush to get their passengers to their seats that they ignore speed limits. Additionally, the long hours that rideshare drivers typically work can leave them feeling fatigued behind the wheel, which can slow their reaction time and affect their situational awareness.

In these cases, hiring a Lyft accident lawyer is essential to determining who is responsible for your injuries. It is very important to determine whether or not the driver was on duty and that they have primary auto insurance.

Reckless driving

Some drivers seem to have no respect for other drivers and will do anything to get from A to B. This can involve weaving in and out of traffic lanes, which can be deadly with a large truck or larger car.

Reckless driving involves more than a simple traffic violation and is a felony in many states. A man confessed reckless driving may have to spend time in prison, making it difficult to find work or access housing.

Uber and Lyft drivers must carry their auto insurance when they’re not logged into the ride-hailing company’s app or on their way to work. Determining which policy applies when they are not logged into the app can be confusing and delay a victim’s claim for compensation.

Hit and run

Uber and Lyft drivers must obey traffic signals and laws. Please do this to avoid crash. Ignoring these rules can be intentional, for example, if a driver is racing, or unintentional, if he needs to remember or is distracted.

Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal and often results in criminal charges. In severe cases, it can even lead to a crime. It may also subject the victim to civil penalties for their losses, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.

An experienced Uber attorney will help the victim receive compensation for their losses. An attorney can negotiate with insurance companies and even file a lawsuit against the company if necessary.

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